Plumbing maintenance helps avoid future problems.

At Transou’s Rooter and Plumbing, we say this all the time to our customers, our neighbors, our family and friends.  There are some people who just won’t pay for a plumber until something catastrophic happens. And it’s a mistake! One that costs much more in the long run, both in money and in quality of life.

Does the drain in your bathroom sink smell awful?  Does your kitchen faucet not have enough water pressure to clean sauce off a plate?  Maybe you always run out of hot water and can’t fill a tub to take a bath. Or perhaps you wince every time you flush the toilet, afraid it’ll overflow!  These things are affecting your daily comfort, and we are telling you, you shouldn’t put up with it!

Why not, you ask?  Well, you deserve better, for one!  If you’re in the Winston-Salem, Clemmons, High Point, Greensboro area, we consider you our neighbor.  And we genuinely feel that you and your family deserve a comfortable home with a reliable plumbing system.

But also, these annoying plumbing issues can quickly become out-of-control problems.  An unchecked leak in a clogged pipe could cause enormous damage to your home. These are problems Transou’s Rooter and Plumbing can prevent with our plumbing maintenance program if we get to them early.  And we want to do exactly that!

We have customers who were so proud of grinning and bearing it through years of bad showers and slow drains.  We also have customers that stressed themselves out and spent a small fortune in tools, trying to fix it all by themselves.  Most of them wish they’d just called us for a maintenance check and took the advantage of our plumbing maintenance program.

Good Water Pressure

Clean dishes.  Clean clothes. Clean bodies, and relaxing showers.  These things are the basic comforts of home and they all require good water pressure.  If your pressure is failing, it could be a sign that your pipes are leaking, or that your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.  Transou’s Rooter and Plumbing can help with all of that and more. We can even show you some aerated showerheads to increase water pressure while still conserving water.  You just have to ask us over and we’ll find the problem and the right fix for it.

Avoiding Leaks

We’ve never met anyone that was happy to hear about a leaking pipe. Even small leaks will cost you tons of money just in the water you’re losing. Not to mention how they’ll sap the performance of your plumbing system. Bigger leaks can quickly lead to wood rot, flooding, ruined belongings, and on and on! It’s really best to just call a professional to run a maintenance check on the pipes once in a while. Transou’s uses cutting edge techniques and technology in the plumbing maintenance program, and our experts do this every day. We’ll find even tiny, hard to reach issues and patch them up immediately!

Avoiding Clogged Toilets

When ranking the things that nobody ever likes doing, dealing with a flooding toilet and going to the dentist are about tied. We at Transou’s cannot stress this enough: the first time you look worriedly at the water level after flushing, just call a professional for some maintenance.  There’s no reason to let something like a clogged toilet stress you out and slow you down. And to be perfectly honest, even though we’re happy to help you with any plumbing emergency, we’d still appreciate it if we can fix that toilet before it floods your bathroom.

Avoiding Damage to Your Property

Your home is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy. We want to help you make it last, and make it as comfortable as possible. Clogged pipes, failing sump pumps, leaking water heaters and malfunctioning garbage disposals all cause risks for your home that, frankly, you don’t need to take. Transou’s Rooter and Plumbing can catch all of those plumbing issues through our maintenance services and keep your home healthy.
Transou’s is proud to offer same day service for plumbing emergencies.  But what we really like to do involves routine maintenance services. We want to make sure our neighbors and family are comfortable and that their plumbing systems are in top notch condition.  And we want to catch issues before they become serious problems, only because we want to save you as much stress as possible.

Do us and yourself a favor and call Transou’s Rooter and Plumbing for some routine maintenance program. It’s worth it in dollars and in peace of mind!

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