How To Decode If Your Water Heater’s Broken

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Has your once cozy morning shower ever turned into an unexpected ice plunge? Or have you been startled awake in the middle of the night by a symphony of bangs and clanks echoing from your basement, and it’s coming from your old water heater? We often overlook our water heaters until they start cranking up the drama. But how do you know that your water heater’s actually begging to resign from duty?

Alright, buddies, let’s dive into this handy guide to understand the distress signals of your water heater. No need for a technical degree in water heater linguistics, and you don’t have to have superhero senses either – you just need to keep your eyes peeled, ears open, and watch out for these signs and symptoms of water heater problems in your home.

6 Common Problems with Your Water Heater

Put your thinking hats– or shower caps– on and let’s dive into some of the reasons your water heater may be waving the red flag and not working properly.

1. Your Shower Turns into the Ice Bucket Challenge

You know the deal. You’re all set for a warm, soothing shower, but instead, you get a shiver-inducing icy surprise from the cold water. If your water supply is suddenly more ‘Frozen’ than ‘Moana’, your water heater is shouting out loud for a bit of repair magic.

2. Hot Water Has the Lifespan of a TikTok Video

Remember when you could sing through a whole concert in the shower without the water turning cold? If those days are a distant memory and your hot water now lasts shorter than a TikTok trend, your water heater might be crying out for some attention.

3. Your Water Heater is Auditioning for a Horror Movie

If you’re hearing creaks, pops, or cracks that would give any haunted house a run for its money, it’s time to play Ghostbusters. A water heater that sounds like a bowl of RiceKrispies after you add the milk is usually a water heater that needs some professional love.

4. Your Water Looks Like It’s Been on a Dirt Road Adventure

If turning on the tap gives you water that’s murkier than your car after a weekend camping trip, it’s a clear sign your heater might be rusting inside. Let’s be real, nobody wants to feel like they’re washing dishes with leftover coffee. Yikes!

5. Puddle Parties At Your Place

Notice a bit of a puddle around your water heater? It’s not just sweating out from all the hard work. Leaks can be a clear signal your heater is on the fritz. And as much as we like pool parties, they’re less fun when the guest of honor is your water heater.

6. The Repair Guy Is Practically Family Now

If your plumber is around so much that he’s practically on the Christmas card list, it’s a glaring sign your water heater needs more than just a band-aid solution. Frequent repairs are like those annoying pop-up ads—they’re trying to tell you something needs to change.

So there you have it, folks. Think of these signs as your water heater’s unique Morse code, whispering “SOS” from your basement. But the good thing is, you’re not in this alone! At Transou’s Plumbing & Septic, we’re all about banishing those cold shower blues and getting your hot water vibe back on point. Our crew, who know their way around water heater repairs and water heater replacements like Maestros, are ready to orchestrate your water heater’s comeback tour.

So come on, don’t let your water heater play the diva. Give us a ring and we’ll make sure your next shower feels more like a hot tub in Bali than an ice bath in Antarctica.

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Hot water is usually the second biggest energy expense in a home, often about 18% of a typical household’s electric bill. A poorly performing water heater can cost you several times more, in addition to constantly running out of heated water!

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